Computer Repair Specialists

Fast Service, Dependable Results, Knowledgeable
Computer Repair Specialists is great! They are friendly, responsive, and patient. Fast response to service requests and satisfied with the results. Grateful to have Computer Repair Specialists get our new office setup. They know the language and we can count on them to help when needed. We have confidence and assurance working with Computer Repair Specialists and that makes IT a lot easier.

Sam Schwartz
Attorney, Principal
Schwartz Flansburg PLLC

Computer Repair Specialists

Fast Response, Dependable, and Knows the Business
We can always count on CRS to help when we need it. They are prompt when we request technical assistance. We usually wait and upgrade our equipment when it’s need to keep things going but know that when it’s time, CRS will provide the solutions that are best suited for us. I definitely recommend their services. CRS is a reliable and fast response IT company that we can depend on to keep us running smoothly.

Dr. Steven Delisle
Owner / Provider
Children’s Dentistry

Computer Repair Specialists

Top-notch Service & Support, Peace of Mind, Worry-free
We have complete confidence in having CRS manage our IT needs. Having that peace of mind means we don’t have to worry about a thing – we can focus on our clients They provide top-notch competence as well as top-notch customer service – not the typical experience for IT providers. As Nevada’s top law firm, we only trust CRS to manage and maintain our technology.

Steve Dimpoulos
Attorney, Owner
Dimopoulos Injury Law

Computer Repair Specialists

Responsive, Helpful, Goes Above and Beyond
CRS’ rapid response and willingness to resolve issues, even after hours, is a big plus for our company. They are experienced, knowledgeable and help us by minimizing the disruption in our daily business. When we call CRS with an IT issue, their staff knows our network – they know what we need and how to fix the problem. Sometimes, when we call, they are already working on the issue and that is reassuring to know we are in good hands. CRS has even helped us create custom applications for our office database. We have been a customer of CRS for more than 14 years and wouldn’t trust any other company with our technology. They are honest, knowledgeable, and go above and beyond. We’ve referred CRS to other businesses and I feel you aren’t going to find a better IT company.

Victoria Cervantes
Office Manager
G. Dallas Horton and Associates

Computer Repair Specialists

IT Solutions, Well-trained, Accessible
In times of change, CRS helped our business work remotely by setting up a cloud server. This enables us to easily and effectively work outside of the office. CRS manages our computers, making sure that they all run smoothly and properly. Virus protection is provided keeping our business safe. We recommend CRS because they have a well-trained staff of IT professionals. They work to get our problems resolved – even after hours in the event of an emergency.

Loren Watkins
Silver State Bookkeeping