About Us CRS was founded more than 22 years ago with the goal of providing thorough, honest support to companies who valued efficiency.

Our Mission

Computer Repair Specialists of Nevada was founded in 2002 with one idea in mind; to provide computer guidance and support with the least amount of impact on our customers' productivity. See, we were tired of hearing how computers were serving more as hindrances and frustrations than as helpful tools and enhancers of efficiency.

This isn't the stigma we wanted technology to have. We wanted it to be seen as universally beneficial. That's why we keep up with all of this changing technology, so that we can stay on top of how it applies to your business and how we can employ it to ensure your efficiency and productivity remains high. Don't work for your technology. Make it work for you.

We're an I.T firm that is not only here to help, but that won't run away from the complicated issues or questions we encounter. Regardless of its complexity, we'll either create a solution that's right for you or recommend an alternative that meets your needs. Don't let computers systems become daunting or frustrating. Let us simplify it for you.

In addition to making decisions as simple as possible, we also strive to be your single point of contact for any issue IT-related. Be it by phone, email or smoke signal, we're respond to you promptly and faciliate whatever situation requires our help.

3305 Spring Mountain Road, Suite 83 | Las Vegas, NV 89102 | Phone: 702.248.8020